Welcome to your new Committee  At the AGM the old Committee handed over the reins and your new Office Bearers and Committee are:-

Heather MacLennan - Chair

Lee MacDonald - Vice Chair

Moira Edes - Treasurer

Lorraine Cullen - Secretary

Elanne Christie

Imogen Christie

Minette MacLennan

Karen Sutherland

Becky Milns

Maggie Wylie

Sandy Elliot

They have some exciting ideas for training and events and the old Committee wish them every success as they take the club into 2020 and beyond.  

Winter Flatwork and Show Jump Training

Our Winter Training dates are now all on the Training Page.  Flatwork training at Seaforth with Elaine Taylor is running to a different format this year with basic flatwork in the morning and in the afternoon alternating polework to improve your flatwork and test riding training.  You can do a morning, an afternoon or both.  

The showjump training at Littleburn with Sheila Stewart will also have a different theme each session.

Dates now added for 2020 Brave Pants Training and training with David Gatherer. 


All training can now be booked through Equoevents. If you are a member please remember to use the "D" discount price otherwise you will pay non-members rates.  If you are super organised you can book several or all of your training sessions in one basket and only pay one booking fee.

Flu Vaccinations

Due to the recent outbreak of equine flu all horses attending CRC events must have a current vaccination against equine flu.  At the moment an annual booster is acceptable providing the full vaccination record complies with the timings set out in the BRC rules.  Should this change and 6 monthly boosters be required we will inform of this via the web page and fb.  Please ensure you bring proof of vaccination to all CRC events as random checks will be carried out and any horse not travelling with proof of vaccination will not be allowed to participate or unload.  Individual venues may have more stringent rules and this will be highlighted on entry forms.

Membership Form 2020  can now be found on the Membership page.

2020 Events  Full list of all our training and competition dates have now been added to the diary page.


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